For decades, the construction of ice rinks has allowed families and friends to practice their favourite winter sport. Whether for hockey or ice-skating, an outdoor ice rink—private or public—creates unforgettable family memories, and above all, allows young athletes to more rapidly develop their skills.

Unfortunately, the makers of these rinks often face various pitfalls due to the extremely complex nature of the upkeep of outdoor rinks. In addition to having to de-snow the rink after flurries, the biggest challenge is providing skaters with high quality ice in order to allow them to realize their prowess..

PRONATEK Design Inc . presents you with the solution to this problem!




The luxury resurfacer for outdoor ice rinks PROGLACE !!!


The operation of the resurfacer is very simple. First, it’s necessary to remove any snow from the rink after a heavy snowfall with the help of a snow blower or a shovel. Only a light scraping is necessary. Next, you simply have to attach the water hose to the resurfacer, open the valve, and pull the resurfacer behind you. It will do the rest of the work..

Gone are the days of spending your nights flooding the ice! When exterior temperatures are below -10 degrees Celsius, you can easily do a once-over with the resurfacer, and skaters can use the rink immediately afterwards.

Presentation of PROGlace


Gives a superior quality finish.

Smooth ice

Produces smooth and bump-free ice.

Dense ice

Forms a thick layer of ice free of air bubbles


Your pucks will glide across the rink with no trouble from bumps or cracks.

PROGlace tested by Elvis Stojko

Proglace works day and night

PROGlace vs Goliath











(The advice and guidance given here are based on a rink dimension of 75’ x 40’)

  • After a heavy snowfall, a light scraping of the rink is necessary.
  • The water flow should be adjusted in relation to the walking speed of the user. For example: When there is a lot of snow, it is recommended to circulate slowly with a decent water flow. For the second time around, when there’s no surface snow, it is recommended to walk faster with a lighter flow. It’s necessary to adjust the water flow with the user’s walking speed so that the water doesn’t extend past the width of the machine.
  • The secret: apply the thinnest possible layer of water for a dense and bubble-free layer of ice.
  • The more you repeat this process, the better the quality of the ice.
  • The wait time between each use depends on the exterior temperature. With temperatures below -15 degrees, the wait time is very short, possibly unnecessary; you can start up again with the resurfacer immediately (for large surfaces).
  • Essentially, it is necessary to make sure that the water on your rink is fixed/frozen before using the resurfacer a second time.
  • When using, the surface snow will accumulate at the interior of the box. Be patient before emptying the snow from the box, as the resurfacer works even better with a good accumulation of snow. Empty the box only when it is full to the point of overflowing on the sides.
  • To empty the snow from the box, simply use a shovel.
  • It is preferable to store your equipment in a warm place after use.
    However, the PROglace resurfacer is sturdily designed, and can easily tolerate outdoor exposure. In such case, it is essential to blow the water hose with help from an air compressor in order to fully purge the water from the interior of the equipment.


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